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Meet Jorge

I’m here to support you

Hi, I’m Jorge Rey-Prada and I work as a Registered Administrative Associate at Nurtured Wealth. My role involves working closely with our clients to provide support and ensure all their questions are addressed. This position aligns perfectly with my genuine desire to help people. I’ve held a variety of roles in the financial services industry, and providing support has been a constant throughout my career.

For me, trust and communication are essential.

Our clients are trusting us to manage their money and we need to ensure they feel 100% comfortable with our approach. I work hard to explain each step in the process, avoiding complex financial jargon and making things as plain as possible. We want our clients have a really good sense of how our financial planning works.

I find working at Nurtured Wealth both emotionally and intellectually satisfying. I enjoy putting clients at ease, and am genuinely enthusiastic about bringing them on board. Jess and I work extremely well together. Our personalities complement each other, and we find that by being open and approachable we attract open and approachable clients.

I truly believe the clients you attract are a reflection of who you are and how you do things. Our clients place their trust in us and, in return we do everything possible to make their financial life the best it can possibly be.

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my partner Robert and our rescue dog Road Warrior. We found him abandoned on the side of a freeway, and he’s the sweetest mix of Chihuahua and German Shepherd (as well as a few mystery breeds).

I’m also a huge wine lover and, if I had to choose, I’d say more of a red guy. Nothing beats a delicious Napa Valley Pinot.