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Meet Andy

I keep things running behind the scenes

Improving software, processes and productivity.

Hi, I’m Andy McCurdy. I’m the Chief Technical Officer here at Nurtured Wealth. I tame computers and technology to make life easier for our team and our clients.

I make sure Nurtured Wealth uses technology in a thoughtful and productive way.

I keep the computers and phones working and build software solutions to make the business more productive and efficient. And I love that everything I do at work has a direct and meaningful impact on the rest of the team’s productivity, which means better results for our clients.

Before joining the Nurtured Wealth team, I co-founded Whiskey Media, a tech start-up located in the Bay area of California. Back in 2012 I sold the company to CBS Interactive and Whalerock Industries and retired.

But retirement didn’t last long. Soon enough, Jess (Founder of Nurtured Wealth and my wife) asked if I could help bring 21st century technology into a tech-starved industry. And I couldn’t help myself. I love tech and I love my wife, so the answer was an easy "yes."

I have a natural affinity for technology, computers and electronics. In situations where others feel scared or worried they’ll break something, I’m elbows deep taking things apart to see how they work.

I enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends and innovations. I'm also actively involved in the Python open source software community where I build and maintain several popular libraries.

I spend a lot of time hiking, making great wine, tinkering with technology and solving problems. My greatest loves are tech, my wife and our German shepherd, Atlas (not in that order).